Art Crawl (November 6th) Lakeland, FL

 Find me at the November 6th Art Crawl in Lakeland, FL. I will have new art and less new art on display for sale. There are a bunch of performances, music, and a farmer's market next door. Catch you there! 



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Motherly Love. 11" x 14." Glass Mosaic. $440.

Dancing in the Moonlight. 8" x 10." Glass Mosaic. $235.

Curiosity. 11.5" x 13.5." Glass Mosaic. $470.


Dixie Crossroads Display

 Two of my locally inspired pieces are now on display at Dixie Crossroads in Titusville. They will be there through January 2022. Dixie serves Cajun seafood and is a local and tourist favorite.

A Drink. 9" x10." Glass Mosaic. 2021.

High Tide. 8' x 12." Glass Mosaic. 2021.


Fused Ocean Mobiles

 I took a small break from mosaics to create some fun fused ocean-themed mobiles. These highlighted different ocean life. I was pleased with how they turned out after firing. They are about 13in long and 2in wide with 3 separate sections. Most went to new homes, but two remain and might make it into the next art fair in November.

Mobiles in the kiln before firing.
One mobile after firing.


Art 4 Animals Exhibition

 I am super excited to make it into Red Bluff Gallery's Art 4 Animals virtual exhibit. "Triggered" can be found in Gallery 11 of the Exhibit. It is amongst many awesomely talented artists' work. I am honored to be selected from 600 entries to be featured online. See the entire exhibit here: https://www.RedBluffArtGallery.com/art4animals.htm.

Triggered. 11" x 17." Glass Mosaic. 2019.


Surprise for a Dear Friend

 Fellow artist and dear friend, Pennie Gaylord, was super sweet in giving me a hand-me-down Wacom tablet to learn how to use. Graphic art and design is not in my normal realm (but it is hers), so it was nice to get to practice on something without a huge investment. As a small thank you, I made her a Wonder Woman inspired mosaic given she is a super fan. Imagine my joy in hearing of her joy in receiving it!

10" Circle. Glass and Rope on Mirror and Wood.