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Lauren Richeson


Lauren Richeson is a juried artist living and working in Merritt Island, Florida. She works in mosaics, mixed—media, and glass.  From an early age, her interest in art was extraordinary. She was selected to participate in the National Gallery of Art’s High School Art Seminar in 1994. Lauren graduated with a B.A. Studio Art from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2000. After two decades in the administrative professional realm, she chose to pursue artist endeavors full-time.

Lauren’s work spans many medium, but she is now honed in on glass mosaics and fused art glass. In 2019, she taught several art and craft workshops at the Cocoa Beach Public Library. Her work was also featured in the 2020 Cocoa Beach Art Scavenger Hunt. In 2021, her work was featured at both the 5th Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne, FL and at Arts Illiana Gallery in Terre Haute, IN.

Her art focuses on themes of nature and color. The use of glass-on-glass techniques highlights the exploration of color as a tool to evoke emotion and portray fluidity. Her mixed- media pieces often incorporate elements like shells, wood, and stone reinforcing the focus on natural elements.

Artist Statement:

From an early age, my fascination with all things glass began with collecting antique bottles and sea glass. My work now is an expression of that fascination with all things glass.

I focus primarily in glass mosaics with inclusions of fused glass elements. Pieces often incorporate upcycled glass materials, vintage glass, fused glass, and natural elements. The juxtaposition of textures, colors, and forms of glass are used to create a three-dimensional aspect to many projects. With “glass-on-glass” mosaics, the light transmits through glass and its varying translucence to create a constantly changing piece. It is this change that I am continually working towards with my projects.

In the medium of mosaics, I enjoy the challenge of creating precise imagery using a largely imprecise process by restricting myself to using basic glass cutting tools. Photographs are often inspiration and guidance for my imagery. Cutting, selecting, and adhering each individual piece to the substrate is akin to putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Focusing largely on themes of nature, I choose my subjects from my natural environment (often native animals, plants, and landscapes). There is a balance between the realistic representation of the subject and the play of color, lighting, and texture with my work.   

As I continue in the medium of mosaics, I am always looking to incorporate new techniques and materials to represent the subjects. I am also constantly trying to expand creatively by revisiting mediums predominated during my formal art training, such as watercolors, acrylics, sculpture, and mixed media. 

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